LinQ Shim Kit

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Protect your Ski-Doo tunnel with our LinQ shim kit. These shims are made from a durable plastic and raise your LinQ brackets 1/8th of an inch off of your tunnel so your accessories don't scratch or rub the paint off. 

IMPORTANT - Each shim kit covers one LinQ position on your sled (a kit = 2 pieces). Only compatible with Gen4/Gen5 and Lynx sleds. The front LinQ position on ALL Ski-Doo sleds will use the standard size. The rear LinQ position is 3/4 size on shortened tunnels (i.e. MXZ/Renegade 137). A backcountry 146 will use standard size on both front and rear positions.

If you have any questions about what size you need for your sled, please write the model of your sled in the "special instructions for seller" box at checkout and we will take care of you.